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Tech Issues? We've Got You.

We provide onsite services to diagnose and resolve any IT problems you may encounter.  We can set up your new router, computer or tablet, connect printers and other devices.  We can ensure that you’re getting the internet speed you are paying for and that your Wi-Fi is secure and updated with what you need. After a full computer diagnostics we can repair any issues with your email or software and remove any malware/spyware that is found. Automatic backups can be set up to prevent losing data.


Parental controls can be established to protect your family and to ensure you are in control of what your kids have access to.


We can provide Smart Tech installation of your new Smart Home devices. You can control lighting, sound, temperature and more, with just the sound of your voice.


We can help you set up the home theater you have always dreamed of! We provide TV mounting and audio services by connecting your sound bar or surround sound speakers to your new or existing TV. We'll set up your TV, connect it to your Wi-Fi and configure your streaming services.

Your On-Call Team is Here for You!